How to Improve Cycling Speed?

Yuyuan Zhu

Cycling speed is one of the important indicators that every bicycle enthusiast pays attention to. For many cycling enthusiasts, improving their cycling speed is a challenge, but it is also a highly fulfilling task.

Cycling speed is the sum of many factors, which are influenced by various factors such as physical strength, technology, and equipment. If you want to upgrade your cycling speed, this article will share several methods to help you and enjoy the fun of fast cycling!

  1. Improve Physical Fitness

The speed of short distance cycling mostly depends on your explosive power, while the speed of long distance cycling depends more on your endurance.

  • Increase Training Volume

Increasing the amount of training and improving physical strength requires regular training. You need to set a suitable amount of training according to your actual situation, gradually increasing the distance and intensity of training, so that your body can adapt to longer cycling distances and higher speeds.

  • Diversified training

In addition to cycling training, you can also try other forms of exercise. Enhance cardiovascular function and muscle strength through regular aerobic exercise, such as running, swimming, etc. In addition, a reasonable diet is also very important to ensure that the body receives sufficient nutrition and energy.

  • Recovery and Rest

Good recovery and sufficient rest are equally important. You need to arrange your training and rest time reasonably to prevent excessive fatigue.

  1. Improve Your Cycling Sills

In addition to physical strength, your cycling skills are also very important. Here are some methods that can help you improve your cycling skills:

  • A Slow and Stable Start

When starting, always maintain a steady and slow pace, especially in situations such as traffic lights that require a restart. An overly impatient start can easily consume too much energy and affect subsequent high-speed cycling.

  • Increase Step Frequency

The speed of cycling not only depends on the strength of your pedals, but also on the frequency of your pedals. Tread frequency refers to the number of pedal rotations per minute, usually expressed in revolutions per minute (RPM).

Generally speaking, increasing step frequency can increase speed, as faster step frequency means more step actions, generating more thrust at the same time. However, it is important to be careful not to sacrifice the quality of the stepping frequency, as too fast stepping may lead to fatigue and uneven force output. Therefore, it is recommended to gradually increase the step frequency while maintaining a comfortable rhythm and stable power output.

  • Optimize Cycling Posture

The correct cycling posture can not only reduce muscle fatigue and air resistance, but also improve cycling efficiency. Keep the upper body straight, shrug and relax, hold the handle gently, and press firmly when the pedal is in the 3 o'clock to 9 o'clock position, which can better utilize power and increase speed.

  • Utilizing Inertia and Airflow

When you are going downhill or with a back wind, you can use these natural factors to increase cycling speed. 

  • Reasonable Selection of Gear Ratio

Adjusting the gear ratio of a bicycle is an effective way to increase cycling speed. It can help you maintain optimal bicycle performance when facing different road and cycling conditions.

Simply put, the tooth ratio is the ratio of the number of teeth in your sprocket (or chain piece, handlebar pick) to the number of teeth in the flywheel (the tooth wheel on the rear wheel of a bicycle). For example, if the sprocket has 52 teeth and the flywheel has 26 teeth, then the gear ratio is 2:1.

The gear ratio on a bicycle determines the effect of one step, that is, it determines how far the bicycle will advance with each step. Every change in gear ratio will affect the driving load and speed of the bicycle.

Under different road conditions, different gear ratios are required to adapt to changes in speed and resistance. On flat roads, a higher gear ratio can be chosen to increase speed, while riding uphills, a lower gear ratio is required to reduce resistance. It can reduce the burden of pedaling and make cycling more effortless.

The required tooth ratio may vary depending on the physical strength level of different individuals. Adjust the gear ratio appropriately based on one's physical condition and habits to achieve a comfortable riding state.

  • Reasonably Adjust the Height of the Seat Cushion

The height of the seat cushion will affect your riding posture and power output. A reasonable cushion height can help you pedal more effectively, thereby improving cycling speed.

  • Improve Your Equipment

The e-bike conversion kit has a certain effect on improving cycling speed. The electric motor in the e-bike conversion kit can provide auxiliary power, making cycling easier and more efficient. Riders can adjust their assistance level as needed to maintain a certain speed even when riding uphills, long-distance cycling, etc.

YOSE POWER currently provides 3 types of e-bike conversion kits as shown in the image above. The motors of these e-bike conversion kits have a torque of 67 N.m, which can provide starting power, allowing for faster acceleration from parking to normal riding speed.

Compared to traditional bicycles, e-bike's electric assistance can reduce the intensity and frequency of pedaling, making the entire riding process smoother.

However, it should be noted that although the e-bike conversion kit can improve cycling speed, the improvement is also influenced by other factors such as road conditions, wind resistance, and the rider's own physical strength.

In addition, local regulations and rules should be followed to ensure that the conversion is carried out within the allowable range, and safety factors such as a reasonable braking system and safe driving should be taken into consideration.

Last but not least, if you want to have further information about YOSE POWER’s e-bike conversion kits, please check out at and the coupon code: yua10 would be useful. Let’s enjoy riding more!

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