Yosepower is a professional manufacturer and seller of electric bicycle batteries and conversion kits. Our products have been sold on Amazon and eBay since 2011. We have warehouse in Europe and USA. We have sold more than 500,000 E-bike batteries and 400,000 conversion kits. If you want to DIY an E-Bike, yosepower is a good choice for you.

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Order value >= $100
Commission>=$ 5
Order value >= $200
Commission>=$ 10
Order value >= $400
Commission>=$ 20
Order value >= $600
Commission>=$ 30
Order value >= $800
Commission>=$ 40
Order value >= $1000
Commission>=$ 50
Order value >= $2000
Commission>=$ 100


 We will provide 5% commission for each successful order. 95% of our order value will more than 200 dollars. We believe you will get a good commission from us. If you have any questions about commissions and discounts, please contact our E-Mail: service@yosepowershop.com, we will reply within 24 hours on working days.

Note: The discount is valid for batteries and conversion kit, Not included accessories.

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