Why Is the Battery of E-Bike Important?

Yuyuan Zhu

Amidst the escalating consciousness of safeguarding the environment and escalating urban traffic burdens, e-bikes are gradually gaining popularity as an eco-friendly and convenient mode of transportation. They employ an electric power assistance system to facilitate more effortless rides. Within these electric bicycles, the battery serves as a fundamental element, assuming the vital responsibility of both storing and dispensing electrical energy.

Development History of E-Bike Batteries

With the continuous development of technology, electric bicycle batteries are also constantly innovating and improving. The development history of e-bike batteries can be traced back to the 1970s.

The earliest e-bike batteries used lead-acid batteries, which were heavier, had lower capacity, and limited range.

In the 1980s, Nickel–cadmium battery began to be used on e-bike. This type of battery has higher energy density and better cycle life, but there are problems with environmental pollution and memory effects.

In the early 1990s, Nickel–metal hydride battery gradually replaced Nickel–cadmium battery. It has higher energy density, longer lifespan, and lower environmental impact.

In the early 2000s, lithium-ion batteries began to be used on e-bikes and quickly became the mainstream technology. Lithium-ion batteries have higher energy density, lighter weight, and lower self discharge rate. With the further development of lithium-ion battery technology, the range has been significantly improved.

Battery Capacity

Electric bicycles store electrical energy through batteries and provide power when needed. In a fully charged state, the battery of an electric bicycle can provide a certain level of electric assistance support for cyclists. In terms of energy storage, the performance of battery is crucial. For example, high-capacity batteries can store more energy, making electric powered bicycles have longer range and longer service life, bringing greater convenience to users.

The range of electric bicycles is one of the important indicators worth paying attention to. The capacity and energy density of batteries directly affect the e-bike's endurance. A larger capacity battery can provide longer range, allowing cyclists to ride farther without the need for frequent charging. Therefore, a good battery can provide longer cycling time and greater flexibility.

52V Battery

This e-bike battery from YOSE POWER is 52V13Ah, it can clock from 45km to 160km approximately under test condition(Temperature : 20°C / Weight : 70kg / With 48V1000W motor and pedal assist). The driven distance could satisfy the needs for daily travel and it is sufficient for short distance travel.

Battery Life

The lifespan of an electric bicycle battery depends on its number of cycles and charging method. The lifespan of the battery directly affects the service life and stability of electric powered bicycles. Frequent charging and discharging can lead to the decay of chemical substances inside the battery, thereby reducing its lifespan. Therefore, the reliability of electric bicycle batteries is crucial for the overall performance of the e-bike. Choosing batteries with high reliability can ensure the stability and safety of the electric bike.

The battery from YOSE POWER has more than 1000 cycle times. As the customer who bought it said, “I have used YOSE POWER e-bike batteries for the last two years. I have informed my e-bike friends and they also ordered e-bike batteries. Why? "VALUE".

Convenience of the Battery

The convenience of charging methods is also a key consideration for users. For example, with a detachable battery design, users can remove the battery for charging, improving the flexibility and convenience of charging.


The battery from YOSE POWER has this feature as well. It can be removed from the bike. Therefore, it is easy to get charged and place it.

Safety of the Battery

The safety of electric bicycle batteries is one of the factors that needs to be considered. In terms of safety, the stability and protective measures of batteries are essential. For example, high-quality battery designs have overcharging and discharging protection functions, which can prevent battery damage or accidents caused by overcharging or discharging.

Charge and Discharge

Battery Power

This battery is 673wh. It has the function of providing battery level display. Different numbers and colors of lights represent different levels of remaining power. As shown in the figure, people can have a very intuitive and clear understanding of the remaining electricity level.

Battery Power Light

The battery of electric bicycles, as one of the key factors determining e-bike performance and user experience, plays an important role in terms of range, safety, and lifespan.

YOSE POWER will continue to attach importance to the quality of batteries, continuously improve their performance and reliability, to meet the needs of users, and make greater contributions to environmental protection for urban transportation.


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