This Battery Can Match Aventon E-Bikes

Yuyuan Zhu

The popularity of electric bicycles has changed people's perception of travel methods. So to speak, the rise of e-bikes has brought a new experience to cycling enthusiasts. One of the keys to achieving excellent performance is a reliable battery system. This article will recommend a battery from Yose Power to enhance your e-bike riding experience, and this battery is suitable for Aventon e-bikes.

This e-bike battery is 48V14Ah. And it stores 673Wh of energy. 48V represents the voltage of the battery, which determines the power supply of the electric equipment. A higher voltage can provide stronger power output, allowing you to experience better acceleration performance while cycling. A capacity of 14Ah indicates that the battery can provide a current of 14 amperes per hour, which means it has a certain range. Energy capacity is the total amount of energy stored by a battery, which is directly related to the battery's range and performance. 673Wh is the total energy storage capacity of the battery. A higher energy density means that batteries can store more energy, providing you with longer cycling distances.

The 48V 14Ah 673Wh battery specification provides moderate capacity and energy density, which can meet most daily cycling needs. However, the actual cycling distance is also influenced by other factors, such as cycling speed, terrain, load, rider's weight and road conditions. 

This battery weights 3.2kg with holder. A 3.2kg electric bicycle battery is relatively lightweight and suitable for cycling needs that require portability and flexibility. It is suitable for short distance or daily commuting needs. What’s more, relatively lightweight batteries make electric bicycles easier to handle.

This e-bike battery has IP65 level waterproof performance, so it is also relatively reliable. IP65 is an international standard used to evaluate the dustproof and waterproof performance of electronic equipment.

The number "6" indicates that the battery has good dustproof ability and can basically prevent the entry of dust, thereby protecting internal electronic components. The number "5" indicates that under normal usage conditions, the battery will not be damaged under the impact of a jet of water. This means that it can withstand rainwater, splashing, and mild water pressure during daily cycling, thereby protecting the battery from water damage during rainy days, reducing the risk of battery damage, and extending the battery's service life.

On the whole, e-bike batteries with IP65 are a valuable feature that is very useful in daily cycling. However, please note that IP65 is only an evaluation of the battery's waterproof ability and does not mean that the battery can be completely immersed in water or exposed to extreme humid environments for a long time.

Therefore, when using batteries, it is still necessary to avoid soaking them in water or exposing them to extremely humid environments to ensure their long-lasting waterproof performance. In the case of rainstorm or flooding, it is still necessary to take measures to protect the battery, such as using waterproof jackets or avoiding riding in rainstorm.

This battery also has over 1000 cycles and smart BMS. The number of charging cycles refers to the number of times a battery can be charged and discharged, usually in a charging cycle of charging to 100% and then discharging to 0%. The number of cycles is one of the important indicators for measuring battery life and durability.

A battery with 1000 cycles means it can withstand 1000 charging and discharging cycles while still maintaining high performance. This means that the battery life is relatively long, and you can enjoy good battery life performance for a longer period of time.

This number is a rough estimate, and the actual cycle life may be influenced by various factors, such as usage, charging method, and environmental conditions. Generally speaking, the lifespan of 1000 cycles is relatively high for electric bicycle batteries, which is economical and sustainable.

The LED battery indicator is a small LED light integrated into the battery casing. The LED level indicator on the e-bike battery is a very useful feature. It can help you understand the current battery level and check the remaining battery level at any time during the cycling process, so that you can better plan your journey and charge during the cycling process. For example, people can adjust their cycling route or behavior in a timely manner based on their electricity level. People can also know when the battery needs to be charged to avoid being unable to complete the journey when the battery is low on the way.

Usually, an LED indicator displays the battery level status, which is divided into several levels, representing different battery ranges or percentages.

The LED level indicator of this e-bike battery is simple and intuitive, without the need for additional devices or applications. You can easily see the status of the LED indicator light and understand the battery level.

The fact that e-bike batteries have LED battery level indicators is indeed an advantage, as it can provide convenient, practical, and reliable battery level information for cyclists.

This e-bike battery matches Aventon e-bikes. If you are considering buying a backup battery or replacing the old battery, then this battery is worth trying. Check out at and get yours at a cheaper price by using the coupon code: yua10.

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