Human beings rely on the environment to survive, and the environment depends on energy conservation and maintenance. In the trek to deal with global warming and energy crisis, we need to cherish resources, reduce energy consumption, establish a green lifestyle, and jointly maintain the beautiful home earth on which we live, so that the sky is bluer, the water is clearer, and the land is greener. Therefore, low-carbon travel is our common choice. As a way of low-carbon travel, electric bicycles can not only save energy, improve energy efficiency, reduce pollution, but also benefit health and get efficiency.

Who we are: YOSE POWER, a professional manufacturer of e-bike lithium ion battery also supplier for e-bike's whole set of power system since 2011.

What we sell: e-bikes,e-bike batteries,motor kits,provide professional installation instructions or suggestions to DIY your bike to an e-bike.

Our goal: provide professional e-bike power system with low factory price and conveniently local service, make everyone fall in love with riding an e-bike!

Our advantages: fixed high quality supplier from China(BAFANG motor),Japan(SHIMANO system) and Korea(Samsung/LG battery cell),10 years professional e-bike battery produce and sales team,total more than 5000m² warehouse in Germany,US,UK,AU for local delivery and service. So, you can get: High Quality,Factory Price,Local Service,Good Purchase Experience!

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