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The e-bike conversion kit is a popular way to upgrade traditional bicycles to electric bicycles equipped with electric motors. Among them, the controller is a crucial component in the e-bike conversion kit. In this article, we will understand the functions and importance of the controller, and look forward to how it can improve the performance of your electric bicycle. Follow us to explore together!

What Is Controller

The controller of an electric bicycle is basically the brain of the electric bicycle system, responsible for managing and adjusting the power distribution of the electric bicycle. Whether it's speed, braking, or battery management, the controller plays an indispensable role in it.

How Does Controller Work

  1. Receive Input

In the electric bicycle system, when you step on the pedal or use the handlebar to accelerate, you are actually sending a signal to the controller.

  1. Process Input

After receiving the signal, the controller undergoes internal processing to determine how to respond to these inputs. For example, when you twist the throttle valve of an electric bicycle, the controller recognizes this as an acceleration command. If you touch the brake, it will immediately cut off the power supply to the motor, causing the bicycle to stop.

  1. Control Motor

The most important part is how the controller controls the motor. The controller will determine how much power is supplied from the battery to the motor, based on user input and battery status.

The way the controller cuts off and guides the current will affect the operation of the motor, thereby affecting the speed and power of the bicycle. The more current a motor receives, the greater the power it outputs.

  1. Battery Management

The controller is also responsible for a certain level of battery management. It can prevent the battery from overcharging or discharging excessively, which can ensure the battery's service life and safety.

Overall, the controller is like a conductor, responsible for communicating with various parts of the system, managing and controlling power, and ensuring that all parts work together to provide an efficient, safe, and comfortable riding experience.

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In addition, the rated current and maximum current of the controller are very important indicators in the selection and use of e-bike conversion kits. These two indicators are of great significance for the performance and safety of the controller. 

Rated Current

The rated current of the controller represents the stable current load it can withstand under normal working conditions. This value is usually determined based on the design and material of the controller, and is the maximum current load during normal operation of the controller. It is necessary to ensure that its rated current can meet the needs of an electric bicycle to ensure its stable operation during normal use.

Maximum Current

The maximum current of the controller represents the maximum current load it can withstand in a short period of time. This value is usually the peak current during transient high load conditions such as starting, climbing, or accelerating an electric bicycle. The maximum current is usually higher than the rated current.

The maximum current of the controller can help electric bicycles provide additional current support when instantaneous high power output is needed, to ensure the performance and safety of electric bicycles.

After reaching the maximum current, the controller will limit more current flow to prevent over-current that may cause damage to the electric bicycle motor and battery. The maximum current capacity of the controller determines its stability and reliability under transient acceleration or high power demand.

Also these two parameters should match the specifications of the electric bicycle motor and battery, so that the electric bicycle can operate efficiently and safely.

This e-bike conversion kit is equipped with LED display. Riders can adjust their parameters through the display screen. Through the display screen, riders can view the current speed, battery level, and other information, and make corresponding settings and adjustments.

Based on the above content, we believe that you have gained some understanding of electric bicycle controllers. Whether you are planning to convert your own bicycle or just curious about it, we hope this article can be helpful to you.

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