Last Day: Christmas Discounts on E-Bike Related Products

Yuyuan Zhu

Christmas is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. For those who love cycling, whether you want to rejuvenate your old bike or experience the green riding pleasure of electric bicycles, now is the best time to get the e-bike conversion kit and battery. It's time to add some electric charm to your beloved bicycle! This article will introduce you to some information about the e-bike conversion kits and batteries for YOSE POWER Christmas discounts, hoping to help you choose the right products.

Not only do these 48V500W 26 inch rear motor kits have more favorable prices than before, but the 48V500W 28 inch motor kit also has a discount. YOSE POWER just launched this 48V500W 28 inch motor kit about one month ago.

This 28 inch e-bike conversion kit has PAS sensor as well. The Pedal Assist System, also known as PAS, is an important component of the e-bike conversion kit. It intelligently provides power support by monitoring the pedaling movements of cyclists.

Dual Hall sensor is an electronic sensor used to detect rotational motion, usually consisting of two Hall elements placed at different positions on the sensor to detect changes in magnetic field.

Faster Reaction Speed

The dual Hall sensors have a faster response speed, which can instantly sense the cyclist's stepping action and quickly transmit the signal to the control system of the electric bike. This enables electric bicycles to provide more timely power support, respond more sensitively, and allow you to feel smoother power output during cycling.

More Precise Power Output

Dual Hall sensors can more accurately detect the pedaling movements of cyclists, thereby achieving more precise power output. It can perceive changes in the speed and force of stepping, and intelligently adjust the power output of the electric power assisted bike based on these changes. In this way, you can feel the power support of the motor more smoothly and enjoy a more comfortable and natural riding experience.

Higher Reliability and Durability

The dual Hall sensor adopts a dual sensor design, which has higher reliability and durability. Even if one of the sensors fails, the other sensor can still function properly, ensuring continuity and stability during cycling. This design makes the dual Hall sensors more reliable, capable of continuous operation under various riding conditions, providing you with long-lasting power support.

In addition, the controller of this 28 inch e-bike conversion kit also has a low voltage protection function. It is one of the important protection mechanisms of the e-bike conversion kit controller.

Protect Battery Life

The low-voltage protection function can effectively extend the lifespan of the battery. When the battery voltage drops below the safety threshold, the controller will automatically cut off the electric power assist system to avoid damage to the battery caused by deep discharge. This helps to slow down the aging process of batteries, extend their service life, and improve the reliability of the entire electric bicycle system.

Intelligent Management of Electricity Consumption

The low voltage protection function helps to intelligently manage electricity levels. By timely cutting off the electric power assist system, the controller can provide critical battery retention for cyclists, ensuring sufficient power for safe return or emergency use at critical moments. This intelligent battery management makes cycling more controllable, avoiding problems caused by battery depletion. This can also provide cyclists with sufficient time to search for charging devices or adjust their cycling plans.

Greater Discounts on E-Bike Batteries

Battery is the key to e-bike's battery life. YOSE POWER offers more discounted batteries in various sizes and shapes, and there is always one that suits your needs.

Among these discounted 36V batteries, the Christmas discount is even greater than the Black Friday discount. Not only is there a discounted price for an additional 36V13Ah sliver fish battery, but the other batteries also offer a minimum discount of $9 and a maximum discount of $15.

The discounts for 48V batteries has also increased. At this Christmas limited offer, not only the 48V14Ah battery which is compatible with Aventon e-bikes, but also the 48V17.4Ah battery and even the 48V15Ah Samsung cell battery have discounted prices. The average discounted price of these batteries is nearly $10 more than the Black Friday discounts, and the most discounted battery even reaches $18.

What's even more surprising is that the only 52V battery that hasn't been sold out yet has an additional $25 discount compared to the discounted price on Black Friday. Therefore, it is also the most discounted battery among all discounted batteries.

Christmas is a great treat, with plenty of surprises, don't miss it! Let YOSE POWER’s e-bike conversion kits and battery ignite your passion for cycling. Learn more details and choose the most suitable e-bike conversion kit and battery for you. Shop on the last day of limited-time discount at Come and embark on a wonderful journey of green cycling!


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