Found a Cheaper Backup Battery for Rad Power Bikes

Yuyuan Zhu

In recent years, electric bicycles have become increasingly popular in urban travel. Not only environmentally friendly, but also more convenient and flexible. However, battery life may become a limiting factor during cycling.

Therefore, in the daily use of electric bicycles, battery life is one of the most concerned issues for users. How to make your e-bike travel longer distances and enjoy longer lasting power? Backup batteries have become one of the solutions.

The Importance of Backup Batteries

  1. Increase range

Backup batteries refer to additional batteries prepared for electric bicycles to provide long-lasting power supply during travel or prolonged use, so backup batteries can provide additional power for your electric bike.

If the backup battery is used alternately with the main battery, it can greatly increase the driving distance and usage time, which allows you to explore further.

  1. Flexibility and Convenience

When the original battery runs out of charge, people can simply replace the backup battery to continue cycling without waiting for charging. This is very beneficial for people who need to ride for a long time, like couriers or people who use electric bicycles in places without charging facilities.

  1. Responding to Emergency Situations

Backup batteries can become a way to respond to emergencies. If you find problems with the original battery during cycling, such as damage or inability to function properly, a backup battery can help you continue your journey or return to a safe location.

Therefore, a backup battery can serve as a backup power source in emergency situations, ensuring that you are not trapped on the road due to battery depletion or any other battery problems.

  1. Replacement of Aging Batteries

If your electric bike has been in use for a long period of time, the battery capacity may gradually decrease, leading to a decrease in battery life. A backup battery can serve as an alternative, allowing you to continue enjoying higher battery life.

  1. Extending Battery Life

Backup batteries can reduce the frequency of use of each battery, thereby extending the lifespan of the overall battery pack. By alternating the use of backup batteries, you can reduce the number of charges and discharges per battery, reduce the pressure on individual batteries, and thus extend the overall service life.

Key Factors in Selecting Backup Batteries

  1. Capacity and Power

The capacity of the backup battery determines the additional cycling distance it can provide. When selecting a backup battery, pay attention to whether its capacity and power match the original battery. Ensure that the backup battery can provide sufficient power to meet your cycling mileage needs. 

  1. Compatibility

Ensure that the backup battery is compatible with your electric bike and can be installed and connected correctly to fully utilize its performance.

  1. Weight and Size

Consider the weight and size of the backup battery to ensure it is easy to carry and install. Excessive weight can increase the burden and driving resistance.

  1. Safety

When selecting a backup battery, it is important to ensure that it has safety performance, including overcharging, discharging, and short-circuit protection functions, which will ensure that your electric bike is always in optimal condition and extend the lifespan of the entire system.


E-bike backup batteries are an ideal choice for increasing cycling distance and convenience. It provides cyclists with longer range, greater convenience, and more sustainable environmental solutions.

As a well-known electric bicycle brand, Rad Power e-bike's battery is an important component to ensure cycling performance. For example, the 48V, 14Ah, 672Wh lithium-ion battery which used in Rad Power electric bikes, priced at nearly $630 . And it rated for 800 charge cycles and it weights 3.5kg.

The backup battery’s selling price from YOSE POWER is $310. And it is 48V, 14Ah, 672Wh lithium-ion battery as well. The cycle life is over 1000 times. This backup battery is compatible with several different types of Rad Power electric bikes.

This 48V, 14Ah, 672Wh backup battery weights 3.2kg with holder. By comparison, the one from YOSE POWER is lighter. The 3.2kg battery is relatively light and easy to disassemble and carry. You don't need to worry about the burden of excessive weight, making cycling more relaxed and comfortable. At the same time, it can also provide reliable power support for your cycling journey.

The battery range is influenced by multiple factors, including road conditions, cycling methods, load capacity, and the energy efficiency of the electric bicycle itself. Therefore, the actual range may vary due to various factors.

According to official data from Rad Power Bikes, their 48V, 14Ah, 672Wh battery can provide a range of approximately 55-88+km. Under the test conditions, the backup battery from YOSE POWER can provide a range of nearly 45-50km in POWER mode and 160-168km in ECO mode. Thus it can be seen, this backup battery can support people to use it in daily cycling life as well.

The backup battery has IP65 waterproof and smart BMS. The IP65 waterproof rating means that the battery can to some extent prevent the invasion of dust and splashing water. This allows the battery to be used in different weather conditions, including mild rain and humid environments.

Smart BMS can monitor and manage the status and performance of batteries, including key parameters such as voltage, current, and temperature. It can provide real-time data of the battery, protect it from damage caused by issues such as over discharge, overcharging, overheating, and improve its lifespan and safety performance.

The electric bicycle battery with IP65 waterproof and Smart BMS allows you to use it more confidently in different weather and cycling environments, and achieve better performance and user experience.

If you already have an Rad Power electric bike, and that is worth pondering if you choose the suitable backup battery from YOSE POWER and enjoy endless cycling fun!

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