E-Bike Batteries on Special Offer

Yuyuan Zhu

We all know that an electric bicycle requires reliable batteries as support. With the popularization of electric bicycles, people's demand for batteries is also increasing. The performance and quality of the e-bike batteries are crucial for the running time and range of the e-bike.

In order to enable more consumers to know more about the products from YOSE POWER, some batteries have been discounted. One thing to note is that discounted e-bike batteries do not necessarily mean poor quality.

On the contrary, these special priced batteries also have reliable quality, long service life, and stable performance. They not only allow consumers to obtain battery products at a more affordable price, but also aim to encourage more people to choose environmentally friendly travel, while providing a better user experience for the majority of e-bike users.

Therefore, if you are looking for reliable and cost-effective electric bicycle batteries, then you are in the right place! These special priced electric bicycle batteries from YOSE POWER may become your ideal choice! Let's take a look at those batteries and see if there are any products you want.

36V Batteries at Discounts

These 36V batteries are common e-bike battery types with high frequency in daily use. As shown in the above figures, there are Hailong down tube battery, rear rack battery and silver fish battery. And they are compatible with 250W-750W e-bike motor.

For example, the 36V13Ah Hailong down tube battery which has 5 gold-plated round plug, it is made of Grade A 18650 cells. The 18650 battery of Grade A is a higher quality battery, typically with higher energy density and longer cycle life. They usually have better stability and safety, which can reduce potential risks during battery use.

Apart from that, the material of this battery has been upgraded to gilded material. The electrical conductivity becomes stronger and more stable. Now it is waterproof and it provides longer service life to a certain extent.

48V Batteries at Discounts

 There are 6 batteries at discounts in total. What’s more, the 48V15.6Ah triangle battery also has a discount. In the market, the e-bike triangle bicycle has gained a certain degree of popularity due to its beautiful appearance, increased battery capacity, and improved bicycle stability. Therefore, it can be said that triangle battery has become a popular choice when people consider to do e-bike conversion.

This triangle battery from YOSE POWER has triple protection. The leather bag is dustproof and waterproof. Also the plastic case is anti-extrusion. This battery has a relatively high voltage and capacity, so that it can provide sufficient power support for bicycles and has a longer range. As we can see, this triangle e-bike battery is designed to be easy to disassemble and install, making it convenient for users to charge and maintain.

52V Battery at Discounts

In addition to 36V and 48V batteries, this 52V battery also has a discounted price. The 52V electric bicycle battery has some advantages and benefits compared to traditional 36V and 48V batteries.

Firstly, a 52V battery can provide higher voltage, which means that at the same power, the current can be smaller, thereby reducing line losses and improving the overall energy efficiency of the e-bike. Secondly, a 52V battery can improve the ability of cycling uphills and acceleration performance of electric bike in a manner.

At the same time, for safety reasons, the use of a 52V battery needs to be coordinated with the corresponding motor and controller, so when upgrading the battery, it is necessary to ensure that other components of the electric bicycle can also adapt to the voltage of 52V.

Special priced electric bicycle batteries are an economic choice to enhance the riding experience. YOSE POWER looks forward to bringing more convenience and fun to e-bike users by offering discounted prices and reliable product quality. Among these discounted batteries, YOSE POWER offers various capacities and specifications of batteries to meet people's different battery needs. They have a wide range of compatibility and can be compatible with multiple brands and models of bicycles. Whether it's buying a backup battery or buying a new battery for your e-bike, these discounted e-bike battery will provide you with a more cost-effective choice.

Customers can still enjoy high-quality after-sales service and warranty commitments by purchasing discounted e-bike batteries. YOSE POWER promises to provide every customer with comprehensive after-sales service to ensure a worry free shopping experience. You can purchase and use with confidence, and YOSE POWER will always solve any problems for you. 

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