Turn Your Bike into an E-Bike! Explore YOSE POWER 's E-Bike Conversion Kit

Yuyuan Zhu

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the increasing severity of urban traffic congestion, electric bicycles have become the preferred mode of transportation for more and more people.

If you already own a traditional bicycle, you don't have to spend a lot of money to purchase a brand new electric bicycle. The electric bicycle conversion kit is an economical choice that can quickly and easily upgrade your bicycle to an electric bicycle, making it easy for you to have an environmentally friendly and efficient electric bicycle and bring you a pleasant riding experience.

Flexible and Detachable

Compared to ordinary bicycles, it increases power, helps people go farther, increases their cycling distance, and provides you with a more comfortable riding experience. The conversion kit usually consists of an electric drive system, battery, and controller, which can be easily installed on a bicycle and can be disassembled at any time. This design allows you to restore your bicycle to a traditional bicycle at any time as needed, maintaining flexibility and diversity.


This e-bike conversion kit is from YOSE POWER. It has 48V500W rear motor with 26" wheel for cassette and 48V13Ah battery. The motor has stable output and quick response. The kit has a top speed of 40 kilometer per hour and the max torque can reach to 67N.m. The power output they provide allows people to easily handle slopes and enjoy a smooth riding experience.

The LED display has speed, PAS and battery indicator. It shows 5 assist levels and it has 6km/h traction with holding down button. Besides, it can reach protective class IP65.

Energy Saving

The electric bicycle conversion kit is powered by batteries, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and reducing exhaust emissions. By choosing electric bicycles for travel, you will contribute to environmental protection and enjoy the fun of green travel.

As a professional seller, YOSE POWER is committed to strictly adhering to local laws and regulations, ensuring the product quality, transportation safety, storage security, and environmental protection.   

Preparation before installation

Before installing the electric bicycle conversion kit, you need to check the structure and condition of the bike to ensure that it is suitable for conversion. At the same time, prepare the necessary tools.

As for tools, YOSE POWER provides conversion tools. Apart form that, the controller bag also will be given as a gift.

Installation and Commissioning

When installing and using the electric bicycle conversion kit, it is essential to follow the safety operation guidelines in the user manual. Precautions include using the power of the drive system reasonably, complying with traffic regulations, and wearing safety helmets. 

For example, the PAS sensor disk must in counterclockwise direction and the PAS sensor should be installed on the right as shown in the figure alongside above.

Ensure that the installation is secure and the wiring is connected properly. After installation, conduct a comprehensive inspection to ensure that all components are installed correctly. Connect the power supply and test the functionality and performance of the electric bike to ensure everything is normal.

Precaution for E-Bike Conversion Kit

The electric bicycle conversion kit requires regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure its normal operation and lifespan. Pay attention to checking the battery level, line connection status, and driving system operation for maintenance operations.

Compared to ordinary bicycles, this e-bike conversion kit can increase power, helps people go farther. It also increases their cycling distance, and provides people with a more comfortable riding experience.

In general, YOSE POWER 's electric bicycle conversion kit is an economical, environmentally friendly and energy-saving choice, allowing you to upgrade your traditional bicycle to an electric bicycle and enjoy a more convenient and efficient way of travel.

Through proper installation and maintenance, you can easily own your own DIY electric bike and contribute to environmentally friendly travel. Choose YOSE POWER 's electric bike conversion kit to make your cycling both environmentally friendly and enjoyable!

If you are interested in this e-bike conversion kit, or maybe you have a yearning for electric bicycle but are reluctant to throw away your beloved bicycle, then this kit can meet your needs.

This kit can convert ordinary bicycles into electric bicycles, and the installation is very simple without requiring special professional skills. Detailed installation guide and video tutorial are both provided. After the installation is completed, you only need to press the start button to enjoy a brand new cycling experience. I believe this kit will be what you are looking for.

So if you want to improve your cycling experience, consider using the this e-bike conversion kit. You can click on the link here: https://yosepowershop.com/?ref=a60pysoz to learn more information and use coupon code: yua10 to get $10 off. Believe me, it will bring you a surprising cycling experience. Get yours kit right now and start your cycling adventure!

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