Silver Fish E-Bike Battery - Make Your Riding Easier

Yuyuan Zhu

The Silver Fish e-bike battery is an important component that provides power for electric bicycles. It is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides a reliable source of power for electric bicycles. This article will introduce a Silver Fish battery from YOSE POWER to help you better understand the characteristics and advantages of this product.

Increase Range

The capacity of the Silver Fish e-bike battery determines the range it provides. The larger the capacity, the longer the range of electric bicycles.

This Silver Fish battery is 48V13Ah. In POWER mode, it can power 40-50km approximately and in ECO mode, it can power about 150-160km under test conditions(Temperature : 20°C / Weight : 70kg / With 48V700W motor and pedal assist).

In addition to this Silver Fish battery, YOSE POWER also has other Silver Fish batteries of different specifications. Based on your cycling needs and habits, you may choose the appropriate battery capacity. These batteries can provide reliable power and provide you with sufficient range to support your daily travel.

Characteristics of Silver Fish E-Bike Battery

The 48V13Ah Silver Fish battery has a lightweight exterior design and compact size, with light weight and small size, making it very suitable for carrying and easy to install on the frame of electric bicycles.

It weights 4kg. For most electric bicycle cycling needs, a 4kg battery weight is relatively lightweight and suitable for general cycling needs. This weight can provide a certain range for electric bicycles without excessively increasing the weight of the entire vehicle. At the same time, the lighter weight of the battery also helps improve the handling and flexibility of electric bicycles.

And this Silver Fish battery has a detachable design, which makes it easy to remove the battery from the bike for charging. This design facilitates user charging operations without the need to push the entire bike to the charging point. Users can bring the battery indoors or other convenient places for charging, improving the convenience of charging.

As the picture above shows, this silver fish battery also has a handle. The existence of the handle can provide better ergonomics and make carrying the battery more comfortable. The shape and design of the handle have been considered to ensure that carrying the battery does not cause discomfort or fatigue to the hands.

The handle design not only facilitates portability, but also provides additional safety. By holding the handle, users can grip the battery more firmly, reducing the risk of accidental falls, and protecting the safety of the battery and bicycle. 

Moreover, this Silver Fish battery is equipped with a safety lock, so it also has a certain anti-theft function, providing users with an additional sense of security. People can use a locking mechanism to secure the battery to the frame, reducing the risk of theft. This design can provide users with higher safety, protecting the safety of the battery and the entire vehicle. At the same time, users can lock or unlock the battery through simple operations, ensuring convenience of use.

It should be noted that although electric bicycle batteries equipped with safety locks provide a certain level of security, they cannot completely prevent theft. In order to better protect the safety of electric bicycles and batteries, it is recommended to take various anti-theft measures, such as parking in a safe place, using additional anti-theft locks, etc.

Multifunctional Utility

Apart from that, this Silver Fish battery is designed with additional features, such as a USB interface, which can be used to charge mobile phones. This design increases the practicality and versatility of the battery, bringing more convenience to users.


When using the Silver Fish e-bike battery, the following points should be noted. Firstly, it is necessary to charge and use the battery correctly according to the manufacturer's instructions to ensure its performance and lifespan. Secondly, excessive discharge and overcharging should be avoided to avoid damage to the battery. In addition, it is necessary to keep the battery clean and dry to avoid damage from water and moisture. Finally, when disposing of discarded Silver Fish e-bike batteries, local waste disposal regulations should be followed to ensure environmental safety and health.

In general, whether for commuting or leisure cycling, this type of battery provides a reliable source of power for cyclists. Whether it is protecting the environment or improving personal mobility, Silver Fish e-bike batteries are driving the development of sustainable transportation and bringing us more convenience and possibilities.

If you are looking for a safe and reliable electric bicycle battery right now, then the Silver Fish battery from YOSE POWER is a worthwhile choice to consider. It can provide you with a better riding experience and meet your needs. 

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